Boston Medical Center to Pay $1.5 million to Nurses in Wage and Hour Class Action

Boston Medical Center (“BMC”) agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a class action brought by nurses under the Fair Labor Standards Act for docking employees’ wages for breaks they allegedly never took.  The suit alleges that BMC’s automatic timekeeping system would deduct meals and other breaks from each employee’s total hours worked, even if the employee worked through the break with the supervisor’s knowledge.  BMC denies any wrongdoing as a part of the settlement.  Specifically, BMC claims that the nurse’s allegations that they worked throughout meals or breaks with the employer’s knowledge were too vague to support a claim.  The litigation consisted of four plaintiffs, 71 opt-in plaintiffs, and 5,000 putative class members.

This suit should be a reminder to employers to confirm that mechanisms are implemented to accurately record time worked by employees and that they are indeed properly compensated for all time worked.  If you have any questions about wage and hour compliance, please contact Marianne Monroy, Lauren Rieders, or the GW attorney with whom you regularly work.

~Submitted by M Monroy and L Rieders

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